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Author: Cliff

Recreational or Competitive Diving?

Many families are interested in Recreational Diving. Recreational Diving allows children to have fun, learn and enjoy the sport without the pressure of competition. This is a great way to start out Diving. But there are some drawbacks when you attend a Diving program that offers only recreational diving. Diving programs that only offer only…
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What is Diving?

Diving is an activity that involves 3 things: a jump, time in the air, and an entry into water. Competitive Diving is a sport where each one of these things is judged. A diver tries to jump as high as possible, perform in the air and enter the water with little or no splash. The…
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How High is a 3 Meter Springboard?

There are just two Heights in Olympic competition. The 3 m springboard (the high-board) and the 10 m platform (platform). The 3 m springboard, or what is commonly referred to as the high-board, is 9.84 feet. This is roughly 1 story.  Jumping off the 3 m springboard for the first time is an exhilarating experience.…
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How High is a 1 Meter Diving Springboard?

Everyone refers to the two heights of springboard as the “high board” and the “low board”. A 1 meter diving springboard is considered the “low board”. A 1 m springboard is approximately 3.28 feet. Or 39 inches. Distance on a flat surface is what we are used to but measuring. It is a little bit…
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Who is the Greatest Competitive Diver of All Time?

This is a pretty easy answer right? Of course, it’s Greg Louganis. Greg Louganis won 4 gold medals and a silver, and were it not for an Olympic boycott in 1980, he most likely would have had six golds. Not only is this an incredible achievement but it happened when there were half as many…
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Why do divers lose dives?

You know what this looks like. A diver has been doing a dive successfully for two weeks and then, all of a sudden they are no longer able to get the dive off of the board. They balk once, then twice, then they are jumping in the water with their hands over their face, frustrated…
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How Diving is Great Exercise for Your Child

Diving is a great exercise for your child because it is fun. Any exercise that involves a change in venue and activity is fun and exciting. Water, bouncing and jumping is going to provide fun exercise for your kids. These activities keep them moving, swimming, jumping and especially climbing out of the pool. The upper…
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Upstate Diving Holiday Invitational 2019

The 2019 Upstate Diving Holiday Invitational is now posted online at Divemeets.com This is a great fun meet for a beginner divers who may want to try competing for the first time in the novice events. Meet Information Upstate Diving Holiday Invitational Registration If you have any other questions please give me a call. Thanks! -Cliff…
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New AAU Registration Year

It is August 15! That means that it’s time to renew your AAU Diving registration. Please log onto AAU sports and renew your AAU Insurance card. This is simple and inexpensive. The AAU Registration year runs from August 15,2019 to August 31, 2020. The AAU insurance card acts as your secondary insurance and allows you…
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Upstate Photo Day

Upstate Families: This Friday, June 28, Steve Chesler from Chesler Photography will be at the RIT pool to take pictures of our divers.  Photography will start at 5:30 and continue until all the pictures are taken.  Attached please find the Order form and other documentation.  This session is open to all divers, whether or not…
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