Everyone refers to the two heights of springboard as the “high board” and the “low board”. A 1 meter diving springboard is considered the “low board”. A 1 m springboard is approximately 3.28 feet. Or 39 inches.

Distance on a flat surface is what we are used to but measuring. It is a little bit more difficult to think in vertical height. To get get a better picture of 39 inches, most tables and desks are about 29 to 30 inches high. So that means that Jumping off of a 1 m springboard feels like jumping off of a table with a 9 inch box on top of it, or a height similar to a high workbench.

Now, think of when you were 5 or 6 old jumping off of a workbench would be a little bit frightening- even if there is water underneath you. At Upstate Diving, we make sure to start our younger divers off the side of the pool which is only 6 inches high. After they have become comfortable with his height then we move up to our 1 m platform this platform is the same height as our one meter springboard (approximately 40 inches), but because it does not bounce our younger divers, they feel much safer jumping off of this platform then our 1 m springboard.

After they are jumping with joy from the 1 meter platform, the young divers are ready to move over to our 1 m springboard. The 1 meter springboard has different levels of flexibility so it can push our more experience divers far into the air. We set the fulcrum to a solid tension so that it does not feel as bouncy for our younger divers.

We are always thinking about how we can help your child succeed with our diving lessons.