5 Ways to Know Your Child is a Diver

Get the free guide to see if your child has one, or all five, of the markers that make a diver.

Springboard Diving is the perfect youth sport


Experienced coaches, structured practices and state of the art facilities


Water, bouncing, friends... what could be funner?

Increase STRENGTH & Flexibility

Stregth and flexibility are built into every practice

Develop Confidence

Children who dive are more confident and are able to rise to challenges

Diving Groups for any level

Whether your child has no diving experience, is a national champion, or anywhwere inbetween, we have a group for you! If your child’s goal is to learn fundamentals and play diving games, Learn to Dive will be the perfect starting point.  If your child’s goal is to get in a few practices each month, our lessons group will work great. If your child’s goal is to train for a USA Diving National Championship, our competition team has all the tools you need. Our goal is to make sure your child reaches their goals.  

Recreational and Competitive Diving

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