RIT Pool


RIT Pool

Gordon Field House

149 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester NY 14623 


Once entering campus at the main entrance (indicated with a VERY large sign: “Rochester Institute of Technology, Founded 1829”), follow the signs to the Gordon Fieldhouse and park in Parking Lot D. Enter the Fieldhouse at the upper level doors, the pool entrance will be on the right. RIT Campus Maps 

The Gordon Field House and Activities Center is the new $55 million complex where the Judson Pool is located. The pool is quite simply the best diving facility in the greater Rochester area. Complete with 2 Three Meter, 2 One Meter boards on Concrete stands, and a 20 person hot tub adjacent to the competition pool. A trampoline with overhead spotting rig and twisting belt is on deck. The pool was built with design concepts specific for divers. There is a push ledge on the edge of the pool to make getting out of the pool easier. There are easily recognizable coloring patterns and lighting for visual spotting, and wide three meter railings that do not interfere with approaches. The 14 foot water depth makes even rip entries from three meter comfortable. 

Diving Tools Available at Upstate New York Diving 

Tivo: Consists of a digital video recorder (Tivo),digital video camera, and television monitor. The camera records all 4 diving boards, the two 1 meter boards,and the two 3 meter boards. The Tivo is set to play back the live video signal with a 20 second delay, just enough After a diver completes their dive, he/she is able to view the dive immediately upon exiting the pool. This instant feedback is invaluable for recognizing and correcting errors in the dive. 

Bubbler: The bubbler system provides divers a soft entry, reducing injuries and extending diving practice. The bubbler system works by piping compressed air that is controlled by a hand held transmitter. With “on demand ” control, air is released from diffusers at the bottom of the pool aerates the water directly below each diving board helping to decrease the chance of pain or injury to a diver if he or she enters the water at the wrong angle. Benefits of the Bubbler System 

Trampoline: The use of trampoline allows athletes to train for difficult somersaults and twists while eliminating the risks of injury from hitting the water at the incorrect angle. The trampoline also allows athletes the opportunity to train correct bio mechanical actions for takeoffs and aerials, without the risks of board and water collision. This correct training procedure reduces acute injury risk. By learning correct techniques out of the water it reduces overuse injuries from constantly using shoulders to get out of the pool. The trampoline and spotting rig must be restricted to be used only by trained professionals with competent athletes. By training somersaults and twists on a trampoline with an overhead spotting rig the diver is able to train many more diving routines than by using only the diving board. The trampoline has a similar rebound to a diving board and allows the athlete to make adjustments that will improve technique very quickly. One reason diving aerials are so difficult to master is because of the relatively short amount of time that a diver has to become acquainted with aerial flight. The trampoline allows divers to rebound into aerials multiple times and become proficient with aerial flight very rapidly.


Dryland Facility

drylandThe Upstate Diving dryland facility is a warehouse location that has equipment to train divers in a more efficient way and helps improve their skills without the use of a water facility. It accomplishes this by:

1. Rapidly increasing practice volume on trampoline, dryboard, and platform. 

2. Increased time available for conditioning, flexibility and video review.

Equipment available at the facility:

2 Trampolines

2 Dryboards and landing foam pits

1 Platform runway and landing foam pit

Pike-up bars

Medicine balls

Tumbling mats

Video review TVs



Upstate Diving Dryland Facility

305 Commerce Dr Suite #6
Rochester NY 14623 

University at Buffalo


University at Buffalo Platform Pool

100 Alumni Arena
Buffalo NY 14260 

The Unversity at Buffalo is our Platform training Facility.  It is a complete platform with 1M, 5M, 7.5M and 10M Platforms.  Upstate Diving has the largest Platform National Team in New York State and has had multiple National Champions on Platform.  


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