Diving Competition

There are many different types of competitions. They include League meets, AAU Meets, United States Diving Meets, and Masters Meets. The coaching staff will decide what the are the best meets for the divers. Upstate New York Diving Competition Team is available for all diving levels from Sparks to Elite. Some competitions require team members to pay the meet entry fees in advance. All Upstate divers competing in meets must wear competition team apparel that is in good condition. This includes a team suit and team warm up provided exclusively by The Deep End. Divers must be currently enrolled in the diving club and have their coach’s approval to attend a competition. See below for more on competitions. 

Travel Competitions

Travel meet costs and meet coaching costs are not covered by the Club. They must be raised by the fundraising or paid out of pocket by the divers. Divers will have to pay for all aspects of their own travel and entry fees if there is no fundraising by the divers. Divers will also have to pay all aspects of coaches’ travel, lodging transportation, parking, food and coaching fees for each meet if there is no fundraising. The more divers that attend each meet the more that they will be able to defray the cost per diver for the coaching expenses. The more divers are able to fundraise the less they will have to pay out of pocket. Because advanced and elite divers travel the most, they will get the most benefit from fundraising, and should be the leaders in promoting fundraising efforts. Advanced and elite divers will also get the most benefit from having large team participation in meets and should be the leaders in promoting meet attendance. Fundraising funds will first cover coaches’ expenses then Elite Divers then Advanced Divers then Intermediate Divers then Beginner Divers’ expenses. When at competitions or traveling to away meets, divers represent their amilies, Upstate New York Diving and themselves. Upstate Divers should maintain the highest standards of behavior, speech and attitude. This means that divers found doing anything not in keeping with the highest standards of behavior may face disciplinary action, removal from the competitive team, or removal from the Club. If an action merits removal from the team, no refunds for practice, meet fees, or equipment will be given. Inappropriate behaviors include, but are not limited to: 

o Tantrums or water splashing after a dive 

o Talking back to a coach – Any coach 

o Taunting or trash talking 

o Swearing 

o Any type of insubordination 

o Curfew violations 

o Skipping warm-ups 

o Tobacco, alcohol or illegal drug use