Welcome to Upstate NY Diving

We are happy you are here! You have found the #1 Developmental Diving Club in the United States. On this page you will about the many opportunities that diving will bring to your child. Get ready to dive into in the most fun and exciting diving club in the US.

Upstate Diving Vision

Upstate New York Diving will train over 200 divers in the Upstate New York Area.
Upstate Diving will be a top 10 National Team in the United States.

Philosophy of Upstate Diving

Upstate New York Diving is committed to developing great athletes who are also great people. We strive to demonstrate and build the following attributes in each one of the divers we instruct. Our Upstate Diving principles are: Safety, Integrity, Courage, Commitment, Desire, Excellence, Teamwork, Strength, Speed, Power and Fun.