About Us

Welcome to Upstate New York Diving. We are happy you have joined the fastest growing diving program in New York State. We are very excited about the many growth opportunities that diving will bring to your family. Get ready to dive into in the cleanest, most exciting, and fun sport around.

Upstate New York Diving offers a year-round instructional diving program for all levels of springboard divers from Learn to Dive to Elite level training. Highly experienced coaches safely instruct divers in fun and motivating sessions. Competitive opportunities are available to all divers from beginners to national level. We have everything you need to excel in the sport of springboard diving! 

Upstate Diving Vision 

Upstate New York Diving will train over 200 divers in the Upstate New York Area. The Club will incorporate other pools in the Rochester area as satellite pools.  Upstate Diving will build the sport of diving by building relationships with the swimming community. It will utilize the best training facilities, apparatus, and training methods. By constant coaches training, Upstate Diving will be a top 10 National Team in the United States and the leader of diving innovation in the 21st Century. 

Philosophy of Upstate Diving 

Upstate New York Diving is committed to developing great athletes who are also great people. We strive to demonstrate and build the following attributes in each one of the divers we instruct. Our Upstate Diving principles are: Safety, Integrity, Courage, Commitment, Desire, Excellence, Teamwork, Strength, Speed, Power and sometimes Fun. 

Upstate Diving Mission 

Upstate New York Diving is committed to grow the sport of diving. We plan on accomplishing this by offering a full range of diving practices and competition opportunities. We actively support diving in Western New York by participating in both competitive diving programs in the Unites States, AAU Diving and USA Diving. As a competitive organization we emphasize hard work and goal oriented achievement. We also promote great diving by training our divers to compete, and win, at the local, regional and national level.