Club Policies

No Coaching Your Child - Or Others

Do not coach your child or talk to the coach or any divers during practice. Do not give instructions or coach your child from the stands. This is distracting and confusing for your diver.  Attend as many practices as you would like, but remember it is a good idea to occasionally let your diver practice without you at the pool to let them focus on the instructions from their coach. 



Make-up practices are generally encouraged. If a session is full, individual make-up practices may not be available.  If classes are full please contact the program director for a make up time.



Payment is due the first of each month. If there is a waiting list, the spots will be reserved by payment. If a diver has not paid they will lose their spot in the session.


Late Fees

Late Fees are assessed after the Sign up deadline. The sign up date for each session is posted on the sign up page. The late fee is $20 per diver. 



Refunds are only given when a pre-payment has been given and a session has not begun. After a session has begun NO refunds are available. Refunds after a session has started are NOT available for any of the following reasons: Religious obligations, school obligations, musical practices, recitals, trips, other athletic practices or events, family obligations, vacations, school trips, failure to obtain transportation or any other reason.



Pro-rating of practice fees is available for new Upstate Participants if they have started in the middle of the session. This is a one time benefit. No other type of prorating is offered once a diver has registered with the club. 


Group Levels

Group levels are assigned by skill groups. Divers are assigned a group and must pay that level's diving fees. If diver wishes to only practice in a reduced number of practices for that session, the same group practice fees apply. No pro-rating is offered for divers who cannot attend all the practices in a session.


Individual Practices

Practices when a diver is not signed up for a session is $20 each practice. This does NOT include private lessons. If a session is full, individual practices may not be available. 



If a diver is injured they may not practice.  In order to return to practice they are required to bring a note from a licensed doctor stating that they are healthy and physically able to perform all the skills and exercises required in diving practice.